Brake Service at Hall Acura Newport News


It’s summertime, which means that a lot more drivers — locals and tourists alike — will be on the roads. We know the stop-and-go traffic is a pain, but it can be a lot worse, especially if your car has plenty of go but doesn’t handle the stopping part so well. Could it be time for brake service from Hall Acura Newport News? Here’s how to tell.

Stopping Distance

Lots of cars advertise quick zero-to-sixty times. But your sixty-to-zero time is every bit as important. If you’re noticing it’s taking you a bit longer than usual to stop, whether you’re doing 25 in a residential area or 65 on I-64, visit us to have your brakes checked.


If you notice your brakes shriek like a banshee every time you come to a stop, that’s often a sign of brake wear. Drum brakes and disc brakes both rely on direct contact to bring your car to a stop, and over time, all that rubbing leads to wear. Let it go too long and you can wear components down to the bare metal and damage your vehicle.

Poor Brake Response

Your brakes should respond promptly to even pressure. If you find they’re not doing that, get to your Acura dealership immediately. Your master cylinder, which supplies hydraulic fluid to your brakes, can wear or leak after a long period of time and may need replacement.

Other Common Brake Issues

Brake fluid can break down or leak over time, and poor connections or worn, porous hoses can let air into the system. Either one leads to the same kind of “mushy” feel you’d get from a bad master cylinder. Bleeding the brakes and/or adding fluid can help here, but it also underscores why you want your car checked by a professional technician; because a wide range of issues can show the same symptoms, and because brake failure can be catastrophic, we encourage you to visit us for service.

Stay safe this summer…visit the Acura service center at Hall Acura Newport News, located at 12501 Jefferson Ave.

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